Our Youth Needs Assessment Service (YNAS) provides support to existing Youth Futures clients, particularly those who have been victims of crime such as domestic violence, assault, theft, and abuse.

Understandably, young victims of crime experience a much higher rate of mental health issues than the general youth population. Unfortunately, the expansion of mental health services has not matched the demand, with many young people having to wait up to 8 weeks to seek help from a mental health professional. YNAS reduces this barrier by employing an on-site Clinical Psychologist to assist young people in a timely manner and an environment they are already comfortable in. This reduces the risk of a young person’s mental health deteriorating further during the waiting period, and the risk of them withdrawing their willingness to participate in counselling.

Our YNAS Clinical Pyschologist is available to conduct initial assessments and offers therapeutic support until an appointment at an appropriate and accessible mental health service becomes available for the young person.